My name is Pete Barry and I am working as a Spiritual medium.

I work as a clairvoyant and I also read Native American Spirit cards along with using other means of divination. I have read for people in various parts of the world in recent years and just taken my first Welsh service in the beautiful little seaside harbour town of Aberaeron in Mid Wales.

I am available for group readings and will also do 1-2-1 sittings as well. I like to be able to be of service to all who require my assistance and I have met many wonderful people while doing so.

I have also written a poetry book and I have just published my first book   ‘A personal journey through shadow and light’ – please visit here for more information.

I will keep you updated with events I will be appearing at in the near future and I look forward to meeting you all before to long. (See events page)

Those of you that know me realise I have a fascination with Native American Indians probably due to my main spirit guide being one but let me say we can learn much from their teachings.

I am lucky enough to have Native American friends that have been drawn to me by spirit who have lived their lives on reservations and taught me so much and will continue to do so.

We run a very successful paranormal team and we are non prifit making

please take a look