Eagle Street Spiritualist Church 21st April 2016

Yesterday saw me at this lovely church in the heart of Coventry and once again nerves were playing their part as ever. I was met by Derek and soon I had a decaff tea in my hand and I tried to relax. This church in the middle of suburbia is such a lovely place and if you’re ever nearby take in a service if you can as the energies are something special & you can buy all spiritual goodies. Lucky I forgot my wallet or I feel I would have come out with more than I went in with. It was soon 1.30pm and only three were in the congregation but fifty or three it doesn’t matter as spirit works with whoever is there and it s usually the right people. After singing Chris De Burgh’s ‘spirit’ and leading the opening prayer I did a little philophosy on ‘sunshine’ and then three lovely long messages for the people who were partaking in the service from their loved ones, and anyone who knows me know I like giving long messages, the time was up and another service completed. Everybody went home happy and after another cup of tea so did I. I am looking forward to going back soon to bring more spirit messages through for these lovely people. Thanks again Rita for inviting me.


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