Gresley Old Hall Ghost Hunt 2/4/2016

It was a lovely evening as we arrived at the venue far too early so it was off on a magical mystery tour to find a chip shop which we eventually did and were back on site at 7.15pm.

We were to join Shadow Seekers ghost investigations until midnight. I must admit I like running my own investigations as I get to do & try what I want but these guys made for a very enjoyable evening and were very professional. We were to be split into groups and our group would be made up from our mediumship circle so we being all mediums and psychics had a bit of a head start. It was a big old house but upstairs to say the least was derelict. It is a very popular venue amongst the ghost hunting fraternity. This investigation report is from my point of view and I hope you enjoy it.

We decided to head upstairs first into a room that I could only describe as being in need of a little tlc. Our talented group of mediums all gathered together and were asked what we were sensing. some were feeling pain, some nausea, some figures and atmospheric changes but I could see a woman standing between Rob & Stacey she was wearing a white dress with a lace veil but the thing that stood out most where her sunken eyes and I relayed that fact. There was another room opposite we could investigate as well at this time and I needed no encouragement when a member of staff turned up with a rather large ouija board or “Dead Board” as I call it. I asked Mark if I could go into the other room and he duly obliged and a few of us ended up in there. It was a smallish room but it certainly felt very atmospheric as we all stood huddled in the dark. Mark suggested that we try mirror scrying so we all had a go. This involves looking into a mirror in the dark with a torch shining upwards onto your face much like trance mediumship as your face begins to change to supposedly that of a spirits. Everybody’s was quite creepy until it came to Inga’s turn who immediately started to morph into a lady with sunken eyes and a veil was appearing on her face as well. I was shocked as this was the lady who had made her prescence felt to me in the other room I was quite sure. At one point she turned slightly towards me and Inga said “I feel this lady wants to speak to you Pete”, oh goody thought I but suddenly Inga was back and I never got the message, maybe one day. I enjoyed the scrying but better was to come in the form of table tipping something I have never tried before though I have been on many ghost hunting investigations. It involved a small table which was sat in the middle of the floor and you stood around it with your hands lightly placed on it and then someone in this case Mark asked any spirits present to draw closer and move the table. At first it began to vibrate slowly but as the energies became higher the table started to shake more violently. Questions were asked to the spirit which were responded to with the table lifting off the floor and going on walkabouts and at one time the table was moving with no hands or fingers on it at all which was pretty impressive. It was hard to keep up with the table as it galloped round the floor at times as It tried pulling us towards a gap in the wall that lead to another room that had no access. We never found the reason why but I certainly did not like having that hole in the wall to my back at any time and some of the others felt the same. Eventually the table movements got so violent the leg broke off and play was suspended. Soon it was time to move to another area of the upstairs and a few of us were ushered into what can only be described as a very run down small room and the door shut. Luckily I had my bag of tricks with me so soon we had sensor lights on the floor but as Tigger the Trigger was noisy we didn’t feel we should use him at that time. Nothing happened for a bit, strange as Stacey and myself could sense children in there. One of us suggested spirit was not capable of lighting up the sensor lights and that was like a red rag to a bull so our plan worked. Very soon sensor lights were going on and off on command and we had quite a conversation. I could hear table tilting going off in the next room, obviously they had a second table as ours was now three legged. Soon it was time to go down stairs for a break and an investigation down there. A nice hot cup of tea, cakes and biscuits and we were refuelled ready to go again. The lights went down but after 15 minutes of no activity it was decided to try the human pendulum which again I have not seen before and found very interesting. It involves 3 people 2 face to face and one behind, the one in the middle being the pemdulum who is asked to open their mind and either lean forward for a yes or no answer or lean back. Once this has been decided then a yes, no series of questions are put to the spirit so evidence and answers can be found as to why they still remain there. It was all very interesting and something I will try again but I really wanted to get back upstairs to that little room we had been in previously as I was sure we would get more activity but I had to wait until Stacey was finished being used as a human pembdulum first. Eventually it was free time or time to play in my book and some of us headed to the little room. once settled out came the sensor lights, spirit box and Tigger and we waited. The strategy would be the same as before, suggest they can’t do something and for a while it was rather like that. Tigger sat there redundant as the lights once again started to respond to our questioning but touch Tigger not a chance until I said they were scared of it and I was about to take him away. Instantly Tigger sprang into life lights going and alarm sounding. Luckily Peter was with us and filmed the event until his camera batteries died and Mark popped in to see what we were up to and witnessed it himself. While we were table tipping I had the strong smell of horse manure which all could smell eventually and I also got the names Samuel & Johnathon which have since been verified as lived on site. Everybody had a fabulous night and thanks once again to Shadow Seekers for making it so enjoyable.



  1. Kristen


    1. Pete Barry (Post author)

      Thank you Kristen it was a pleasure to read for you all the the way across the Atlantic in Idaho and glad it brought you some help

  2. sandy

    It was a fantastic evening …. I loved every minute of it spending it with our guys from circle …. Lots of things to do and explore …. X


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