Hinckley Spiritualist Church 16/3/2016

I was invited to take the divine service at Hinckley SNU yesterday. I love this church as it was here I did my first ever solo service and demonstration of mediumship so it holds special memories for me. As I waited in the mediums room just relaxing I could hear it getting noisier out there and as I went to rostrum I was surprised to see so many faces looking at me. My philosophy was to be on ‘new beginnings ‘ quite apt for the time of year. I helped raise the energies with my now well known buddhist singing bowl demonstration and spirit came through with lovely clear and precise messages that were well received and put smiles on faces. I hope to serve this lovely church again sometime in the not too distant future, so once again thank you for asking me back.


  1. Stacey

    Fantastic service as always,
    It’s always a pleasure to watch Pete on rostrum It makes me so proud on how far he has come on his spiritual journey since joining our circle .
    Well done you be proud of yourself as I know me and Rob are

  2. Pete

    Thanks for giving me the strength & belief to do what I am doing now
    So much has changed in the last 12 months thanks to you & Rob


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