Horninglow Spiritualist Church April 20th 2016

I was looking forward to serving this lovely little church perched on the corner of two roads like a little peninsula in Burton on Trent Staffordshire down the road from the beautiful Tutbury Castle. I had seen friends work there before and was quite keen to work there myself after sensing the wonderful energies this place contains, much of it down to Lisa the president who attracts people like moths to a flame with her energy and vibrancy. Lesley my wife and myself were met at the door by the lovely Lisa and Ken very soon put a cup of tea in my hand and I felt more relaxed. Anybody who knows me, knows I suffer from extreme nerves before I go on the rostrum but once up there I feel very much at home. I was pleased to see such a large congregation thanks inpart to Lisa who through her efforts has turned this church into something special.The service was lovely and spirit was very willing to aid me with validations and some cheekyness may I add but thats what I love about them as you just never know what they will come out with. It was all over all too soon and after another cup of tea we were soon on our way across the road to the chip shop as now I was hungry as my nerves had subsided. If you are ever in this area take in one of the services as this church will welcome you with open arms and could just change your life.Thanks again Lisa for allowing me to work your rostrum and I hope to see you again soon.


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