Hi all

No I haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth & I do apologise for not having updated my site recently. I have been working at various venues around the midlands and all have been very welcoming and I look forward to serving them all again. I have been busy with private house parties and 1-2-1 private readings which I really enjoy doing ( please see my contact page if you would be interested in arranging something )

Ten weeks of this summer I have spent in Wales trying to piece together just what has happened over the last eighteen months on my spiritual journey and I must say looking back it has been nothing short of amazing. It is less than a year since I took my first solo divine service at Hinckley Spiritualist Church and how things have moved on within this amazing journey I find myself  thanks impart to the help & belief given to me by Rob & Stacey Deacon along with Peacehaven.

Back to Wales and such a spiritual place to recharge my batteries and try and take in all I have learnt and been through in recent times. Much meditating and looking at the world differently now than from before have helped my development. lets face it school children have to have holidays to take in what they have learnt before moving on to the next level in their education and I personally feel that this is the same with spiritual development.The sight of dolphins clearing the crystal blue water along the harbour wall is possibly as spiritual as it gets along with being on the top of the world at the summit of Mount Snowdon or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Since I have been back I feel my readings have become sharper & stronger and I have a sense of direction on my spiritual journey and what they require of me. Its easy to lose your way when so much happens in such a short space of time and I am looking forward to many new venues over the coming months which are already processed and the ones I dont yet know about. I shall be working outside of England next year and this excites me as you never know where spirit will lead.

I have updated my events page along with other parts of the web site  I hope to see you at an upcoming venue soon.

Love & light

Pete x

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